Getting to the point!


Here at the College we are enthusiastic supporters of the Acupuncture Now Foundation. The ANF is dedicated to communicating the good news about all that acupuncture has to offer, and they have been particularly effective in countering misinformation spread by so-called ‘sceptics’, mounting detailed ripostes using the evidence base to show that acupuncture is clinically effective whilst avoiding the adverse effects of regular medication.

The ANF is headed up by Matt Bauer and Mel Hopper Koppelman, who is a graduate from our MSc in Acupuncture. The NCA funded Mel to write a detailed response to the draft NICE guidelines on back pain and this, and other responses, have forced a major re-consideration by NICE, with the final guidelines delayed indefinitely since September.

Now, in their biggest initiative to date, the ANF have teamed up with Doug Dearth, creator of the award-winning documentary ‘9000 Needles’, to produce a full length documentary film entitled ‘Getting to the Point’. This film will show how acupuncture is helping patients; including its use in top hospitals and other mainstream settings, and the work of groups like ‘Acupuncture Without Borders’, as well as showcasing research showing how acupuncture works.

A film like this is expensive to produce and we’d like to encourage all acupuncturists and supporters of acupuncture to support the fund-raising effort.

For more information, including a short video about the project, click here

(From Principal, Richard Blackwell)

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