Phil’s India Trip


Hi, I’m Phil Montgomery – the College’s Business Stream Leader.

Two years ago I travelled to India to work as a volunteer acupuncturist in the area of Chaparda, Junagadh in Gujarat.  Here with a team of three other volunteers we treated hundreds of patients from the rural communities where there are no medical facilities.

To add sustainability to the project we also trained hospital workers in Ear Acupuncture for the management of pain and opened an Auricular Acupuncture Pain Clinic.

I’m returning this November with a new team to ensure the Ear Clinic is running smoothly, to update training, and to treat hundreds more patients.  Assisting in the reduction of pain means getting the patients back in the fields to work………..which ultimately means food on the table.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit my JustGiving page.

Many thanks!  Phil.


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