As you may – or may not! know – it’s World Acupuncture Day (WAD) on November 15 (pictured are the next generation of acupuncturists – our  Year One Weekday BSc students holding up their globes!).

For anyone wanting to find out much more about this initiative – including details about the official conference taking place in Paris! – please do visit the WAD site.

Since its inception in 1988, the NCA has taught many students from across the globe.  In the lead up to WAD, we’ve contacted a handful of our alumni who have since gone on to practice in an international setting to find out how they are getting on:

Elizabeth Buchecker graduated in 2010, and now practises full time out of two clinics in Williamstown and Seddon, Melbourne/ Australia (www.threelanterns.com.au and www.innerwesthealthclinic.com.au).

“I count myself lucky to have studied at the NCA and thoroughly enjoyed the training,” said Elizabeth. “The course really did equip me as best as possible for real practice and this also holds true for working with acupuncture in a different country, in Australia, where it is a registered profession.  I value highly to have been given many tools for problem solving and reflection.”

One of our 2011 alumnus, Lorna Jackson, set up her practice in Jersey in the Channel Islands (www.healthpointclinic.co.uk).

“I transferred to the NCA in the last eight months before graduation and could not have received a warmer welcome, or better support as an overseas student,” explained Lorna.  “People should celebrate World Acupuncture Day to help bring awareness to a treatment modality that has existed and survived for thousands of years. What’s not to celebrate!”

Marjana Kozar graduated just last year but is already a practising acupuncturist in Slovenia.

“The best thing about acupuncture is the infinite possibilities of learning. You can always learn and grow.  It’s a profession and art form that allows you to grow personally and professionally and not get bored with it. Whether you continue as an acupuncturist or not, learning about TCM allows you to learn another language that helps you understand the world.”

Another of our 2017 graduates, Adeel Munshi is now up and running as an acupuncturist in Perth, Australia (www.adeelmunshi.com.au).

“The staff are experienced and knowledgeable,” detailed Adeel, about his time at the NCA, “thus enhancing my learning and making me feel welcomed and part of one big family.”

“I’ve just graduated this year,” said Gary Carvill, who has since opened a clinic in Bridlington on the East Yorkshire coast (www.bridlingtonacupuncture.co.uk).

“Learning about acupuncture at the NCA was a great experience.  The best thing was the people you meet but it also opened up opportunities I otherwise wouldn’t have had such as studying tui na in China and travelling to India to work with the charity World Medicine.”

If you have an interest in acupuncture, then you may have heard of our 2012 graduate, Mel Hopper Koppelman.  As well as working as an acupuncturist in Rhode Island, USA (www.harborintegrativehealthri.com), Mel is very active promoting better information about acupuncture’s scientific evidence base (https://www.evidencebasedacupuncture.org/author/meladm/).

“People should celebrate WAD because it’s a fantastic way of raising awareness of the practice of acupuncture, from historical roots to its growth and recognition worldwide. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate it as a cultural heritage and a medicine.”

College Principal Richard Blackwell says: “Ahead of World Acupuncture Day it’s great to catch up with our graduates who are practising acupuncture around the world. Their degree level training from the Northern College of Acupuncture is the gold standard of acupuncture qualification and opens doors wherever our students choose to settle.

“The NCA is also now a global College due to our innovative use of new technologies, as we offer online Masters Courses for practitioners from all around the world. We have acupuncture, nutrition and complementary therapy students studying online with us from as far as Singapore, South Africa and Canada. We are proud to have a world-wide reputation and to celebrate our success on World Acupuncture Day.”

To find out more about World Acupuncture Day visit https://www.etcma.org/kalender/world-acupuncture-day-wad-/

To find out more about the Northern College of Acupuncture visit www.nca.ac.uk or contact our Marketing Manager Denise Magson at denisemagson@nca.ac.uk or Press Officer John Hannen at johnhannen@nca.ac.uk or call 01904 343309.





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