Nora Giese (pictured) is just one of the many international students studying at the Northern College of Acupuncture (NCA) in York, UK.  Nora, who runs her own acupuncture clinic in Germany, was inspired to enrol on the NCA’s Online MSc in Advanced Oriental Medicine (Research and Practice) after hearing Principal Richard Blackwell talk at an international conference, last year.

“I’d been looking for a MSc program for quite a while,” explained Nora, who specialises in gynaecology and integrative infertility treatments, “when Richard introduced the NCA’s online MSc at the International TCM Congress in Rothenburg.

“Nils von Below and Sandro Graca, who I already knew, two actual students at the NCA, talked about their experiences with the online MSc course and I was convinced about its quality immediately.  The most convincing sentence was Nils, who said ‘it´s grown up learning’, meaning you are going on a meta-level with the MSc programme; learning how to learn more by yourself by integrating research into your daily practice.”

The NCA runs three online courses for experienced, qualified practitioners who are aiming to become leaders in their respective fields – these are MScs in Advanced Oriental Medicine (Research and Practice), Advanced Complementary Medicine (Research and Practice), and Advanced Nutrition (Research and Practice).

With a growing reputation, these flexible, part-time postgraduate courses are specifically designed for busy practitioners, enabling you to develop:

  • A knowledge and understanding of your area of practice
  • A specialty, giving you an extra dimension as a practitioner.
  • Your research skills, so you can contribute to the existing knowledge base.

“There are two main reasons I chose the NCA for my studies,” continued Nora.  “Firstly, one of my main interests is research: how to conduct a systematic literature search and how to critically appraise studies. In my field of interest, there’s lots of research going on and to stay ‘up to date’, it’s absolutely necessary to work with studies and expand your knowledge.

“Secondly, I was looking for a course where I could stick with my special area of interest. With two kids and a busy practice, I don´t have much time and must stay very focused about what is necessary for my personal development and my clinic needs.  Also, a minor but important reason was that the learning is online, so I can integrate the MSc into my daily life.”

As well as gaining new skills and knowledge, and expanding thinking and awareness, the NCA’s online Masters courses are also a great way to build professional networks and connections, and interact globally with other practitioners.  Students enrol for a variety of reasons, with many citing the exciting career opportunities that having the qualification will potentially open.  For others, including Nora, it’s also all about staying ‘ahead of the game’ and ultimately becoming a better practitioner.

“There is a lot of research going on in the field of reproductive medicine, in Western Medicine as well as in integrative approaches with Chinese Medicine. In order to stay ‘state of the art’, it’s absolutely necessary to study further and expand your knowledge.

“In my opinion, we need to work with an integrative approach, hand in hand with Western medical doctors for the best of our patients, so we can offer the best of these two major medical systems. And, to work at eye level, we have to know about the actual usual treatments. But these do change with changing evidence, so even as therapists for Chinese Medicine, we do have to deal with new research in our areas of special interest.

“I do also expect to develop professionally after my MSc.  I have just published a book about the understanding and treatment of endometriosis with Chinese Medicine, and will write again in the future.  I am already teaching Integrative Infertility Treatment with Chinese Medicine and want to teach more.  And I have some good working alliances with medical doctors and will be happy to expand these further.”

If you are a practitioner with a first degree, or equivalent, and a member of a professional body – and would like to find out more about the NCA’s online MSc courses, please contact Denise Magson on + 44 (0) 1904 343309 or visit https://chinese-medicine.co.uk/online-only-msc-courses-for-practitioners. We also run regular online presentation and Q&A sessions with Course Director Jane Nodder – book your place via our website.

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