‘Being an acupuncturist is the best decision I’ve made!’

Annabel Tindale

It’s always lovely to hear from old friends, especially when they are doing well! So, it was fantastic to catch up with Annabel Tindale recently (watch our video with Annabel).

Annabel was one of our 2015 graduates, and now works as an acupuncturist based out of two practices in Scunthorpe and Lincoln.

Describing her time at the NCA as her ‘favourite educational experience’, Annabel particularly enjoyed the ‘small scale environment and the support she received’, and believes being an acupuncturist is the best decision she’s made!

Course Director Lara McClure said: “Annabel was a switched-on student from the start, and it was a joy to see her confidence grow alongside her practitioner skills. In particular, Annabel understood the importance of using up-to-date research to underpin clinical expertise. She produced distinction-level work in her final year research project, and made sure this was clinically relevant to her new career. I’m delighted to see her thriving in business, well deserved!

For more information you can follow Annabel on Facebook here and on Twitter @AcupunctureArt

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