A huge thank-you to everybody that came along to our screening of ‘9000 Needles’ on Saturday February 25th – ahead of Acupuncture Awareness Week, which is from March 6 – 12th.

On the evening, NCA graduate Mel Koppelman talked passionately about the Acupuncture Now Foundation – an organisation dedicated to communicating the good news about all that acupuncture has to offer – and also detailed lots more info on the upcoming film ‘Getting to the Point’.

Numerous raffle tickets were also sold and we managed to raise over £120, which will go towards helping to fund the ‘Getting to the Point’ documentary.

For anyone that hasn’t seen ‘9000 Needles’, it’s well worth giving up 83 minutes of your life for!  It’s a powerful watch, as well as eye-watering at times, but will definitely leave you inspired.

PS: We now have a copy of ‘9000 Needles’ in the NCA library, if any students are interested in a viewing …

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