‘I feel better than I have for a long time!’

Women hands cutting cucumber and fresh ingredients (tomatoes, lettuce, onion) for the vegetable salad on white wooden background, top view

The NCA’s in-house Nutrition Clinic offers fantastic support and personalised nutrition advice, for anyone looking to improve their diet and health. Check out this excellent testimonial we’ve just received from a client after their recent visits to see second year student, Marie Dawson:

I recently completed a course of nutrition assessment with Marie. I have nothing but praise for her. She looked smart and professional, she researched my vast number of supplements without complaint, and came up with some thorough recommendations and replacements. She was unfailingly kind and polite, even when I balked at a couple or her recommendations, that I later came to see were exactly right for me. She introduced changes carefully and gradually and she went away and researched things she wasn’t sure about. I am sorry the course came to an end, I will miss her. In response to her work I feel better than I have for a long time. I would unfailingly recommend her to anyone. Anyone visiting her practice is in for a great treat…and much better health.

Good work, Marie! Three consultations are just £30 in our Nutrition Clinic, call 01904 343305 for more info.

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