5 Ways Your Life Changes When You Become an Acupuncture Student…


So you’re thinking about becoming an acupuncturist? Choosing to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is the beginning of a life changing journey but these changes below are perhaps not what you might be expecting!  Hear more from NCA graduate Jo Curle, who now teaches ‘pulses and bodywork’ at the College.

The Human Colouring Book.
You may find family and friends begin to avoid you at gatherings, especially if they see you with a gel pen in your hand. At every possible opportunity you’ll be grabbing an arm or a leg, theirs or your own, and attempting to mark points and measurements on every piece of available skin. Prodding around tendons and bones to get your bearings to mark Lu9 just right … could become an obsession.

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Staying healthy over Christmas!


‘Tis the season to be jolly!’. The festive period may offer a chance to take a break and have more time to rest and relax. But it can also bring extra work, pressure and stress. Jane Nodder, Nutrition Practitioner and Course Director for our online MSc programmes, offers some timely reminders for staying healthy at this busy time of year.

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